Thursday, March 8, 2012


      I have thrown several impromptu, informal parties for the group while in London, which lots of people have enjoyed. So my friend Molly asked me to throw her a birthday party which would: 1.Get everyone together for the night, 2.Be relatively inexpensive, and 3.Include cream cheese frosting. So, in typical Leslie fashion and in full knowledge that I have piles of homework to do... I threw a massive and gourmet dinner party for 30 which took three days to prep for. I have no self control.
      Molly's birthday was today and the party is still going on. After running around cooking all day, I'm too exhausted to stay up any longer! But I'm very happy with how it went off, Molly was delighted, and it was a lot of fun. I put tea light candles around and had flowers for Molly, so it looked quite pretty. Here's the menu and some pictures from the evening!
Veggies with hummus and tortilla chips
Cheese platter with cranberry ginger chutney and cream crackers
Polenta bites with parmesan, marinara, and fresh basil
Bruschetta toasts
Sausage rolls
Teriyaki chicken skewers with red bell pepper and pineapple
Mashed potatoes (these started out as potato skins, but our gimicky oven incinerated the skin bit) an toppings
Pumpkin spice cake with orange cream cheese frosting

Birthday girl Molly and our friend Nate

Part of the group, ready to eat!

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  1. Happy Birthday Molly. Well done Leslie. Now go take a nap.